Snow Backround

Friday, November 8, 2013

Our trip to Lexington Virginia

Oh how I love Novembers...

(yeah it's not very focused, oh well!) 

We went to the butterfly garden inside the Natural Bridge gift shop

We saw the Natural Bridge, the wax museum, the butterfly garden, and toured the caverns all in one day!

This could cause some issues....'s an actual thing..

 And of course llama trekking!

I had the llama named Spunky! Daniel had Stryker!

I love how the inn keeper, Chris, called the walk "The Great Salad Bar" :) the llamas love to stop and eat everything! 

We had a wonderful weekend in Lexington. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Cone of Shame

So...I guess the title is misleading..
 She did nothing shameful.

(except her daily actives of tearing up the recycling, destroying all toilet paper, and pretending her water bowl is a wadding pool.)

"I can't eat or grab treats or walk normal but I just finished drinking out of the toilet just fine!"

"Don't mock me!"

"wow, I look fabulous!"

"Play with me!"

"Throw is again! Throw is again!"

"I'm normal I promise!"

She just got fixed and can't lick her wounds for a while. Watching her do her day to day activities with this on is really funny (but at the same time I feel awful and I feel awful now for just admitting I think it's funny...but I mean seriously, have you seen a dog with these on?? funny stuff!)

The first night she just seemed sad and confused, which made us sad and we felt awful that we couldn't explain to her why we weren't taking it off. But the next morning she was all smiles and tail wagging again. And that's when I felt notasbadbutstillkindaawful for laughing at her. Here are just a few pictures I captured today.

Friday, August 16, 2013

I Went to Hogwarts

Harry Potter is a huge part of our early years. I remember my mom reading the books to us at night even before I could read. All my siblings crowded onto one persons bed and she read us a chapter a night. We all laughed at her Hagrid voice and wished she would read just one more chapter.
The story became a staple of our childhood. It didn't stop at our young age. The story continued and developed just as we continued and develop and grow. 
The last day of our vacation we went to Universal Studios in Florida to spend the day at Harry Potter world (and the other places to see of course ;) )

I bought some postcards from the post office and they gave them the official "Hogsmeade" stamp. Now I just need people to send them to!

Drinking butterbeer while waiting in line for ollivanders wand shop. Holli was chosen to receive her wand!

The Hogwarts Express Conductor tried to trick me out of my chocolate frog- not a chance! 

Seuss Landing is my second favorite part of the park (obviously after the Harry Potter park!) Which is actually odd because Dr. Seuss books freak me out! I mean seriously, have you read those books and looked at those pictures!? It basically says, "Oh hi, read me! I'll give you nightmares for weeks!"

We rode the "ride" that tells you the story of The Cat in the Hat. We all came out of there scarred for life. I don't use drugs but I'm pretty sure that's what being on LSD feels like! 

I can't do anything spiderman related without thinking of my Cousin Cade. We miss you!

We found her like this..

No trip to Universal is complete without this picture of Rae! The most ADD person you will ever met.

"Guys, I'm not that AD--woah! I love your shoe--I braided my hair while waiti--is that a dog barki--Oh sorry, what was I sayin?--Hi!." 
yup...that's Raetchel 
(no feelings were harmed in the making of this caption :) I asked if I could make fun of her, she said yes.) 

It was an exhausting/really fun day.

And we head back home with a bag of grapefruit.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shark Bait Hoo Ha Ha

After our cruise we wanted to spend a day at the beach here in Florida. The water was simply wonderful. A blue-torquise color, warm, and full of sharks (which we found out the scary way!) 

As soon as we arrive at the beach my family began to swim in the ocean. I was on the shore because I really really don't like large waves and salt water in my eyes. There we were just minding our own business when along came some dolphins. It scared my little sister because at first she thought it was a shark! What did we tell her, "Oh don't worry, sharks aren't usually around when dolphins are around. I'm sure it's really safe." "Sharks are so rare and there are none at this beach." "Don't be ridiculous there are no sharks in the water."You get the idea...

So I'm enjoying the sand and sun when my other little sister yells, "Woah! Did you guys see that dolphin flipping out of the water!?" I then began to hear other families on the beach excitingly squeal, "dolphin! dolphin!" I started to stare at the water because I didn't want to miss seeing the dolphin flip! I stared for a few seconds and I saw it! But...umm..that didn't look like a dolphin..and it had a giant fish in it's mouth.. after a few more seconds it was getting closer and closer to shore. It jumped out of the water again just 10 feet from the shore and sure enough that was no dolphin! All at the same time the entire population on that little beach yelled, "SHARK!" This Shark caught a fish and was carrying it close to shore to eat! It was so amazingly close. The scariest part of all was just half an hour prior my family was swimming in that exact spot! You could see the sharks silhouette through the waves as the waves began to grow. After our experience we looked up our beach on google and look what came up 

yup. we were swimming in the 6th most dangerous beach in the world for shark attacks! And there were no warning signs! 

Overall it was a really really fun day. And even more amazing than seeing a shark up close in the wild? My family was right back in the water swimming away within an hours time... 

This was about 20 minutes after seeing the shark. We kept to the sand for a while.

A few sandcastles were built. Including a replica of The Great Wall of China made by Stieven. Not to scale of course :) 

Madi found the prettiest shell

Rae and I showing off the Sea Turtle sign! 

Holli right back in the water after watching the shark chomp down on his lunch

Madi being cute and artistic 

Such a wonderful day. 
And vacation STILL isn't over!